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The I AM PEACE initiative, launched by Women Add Value (WAV) in 2016 serves as a powerful platform highlighting the contributions of Christian and Jewish women leaders towards the creation of a peaceful culture. Gatherings organized under this initiative bring together influential women from across the globe, providing them with a stage to share their journeys - how they transformed their innovative ideas into monumental dreams, and the benevolent efforts they undertook to achieve these dreams, thereby addressing various humanitarian concerns. These narratives not only inspire innovative thinking and proactive responses, but also foster positive change. 


I AM PEACE events offer a global platform where women, irrespective of nationality, or culture unite in their shared pursuit of peace. These events are a celebration of the creative power and love that resides within women, and their influence on various spheres of life - government, family, religion, business, art, communication, and education. Through this initiative, we recognize the female genius and celebrate the peace initiatives led by Christian and Jewish women around the world.

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