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Sandra Graves

Sandra Graves was born in Panama where she lived until she was fifteen years old; she then moved to New York City in the United States. At such young age, Sandra hated her life intensely for a series of reasons, including sexual abuse during her childhood.

She dropped out of high school, married, divorced, even ventured into the modeling world all in search of happiness. She would later learn she could only find happiness in herself. She immersed herself in reading self-help books, which allowed her to start on her path to self-knowledge, recognition, forgiveness and reconciliation with God, her Divine Creator.

In spite of her past of poverty, abuse and mistreatment, Sandra has reached inner healing. She has left behind dark feelings, misery and resentment. This has allowed her to reach her spiritual peak and desired happiness. Being the mother of two children and married for a second time, her inspiring stories of success and inner peace help her spread a message of hope to men and women around the world.

Author, motivator and life coach in the field of personal development, her goal is to challenge you to be a better person. She will guide you towards inner healing, providing you the means to use your inner power to achieve what is in your heart and mind.

As a life coach, keynote, and motivational speaker, my goal is not to make you happy. My goal is to challenge you to be better than what you already are and to help you achieve your own happiness. You can do the impossible if you believe."

(Taken from the book "Healing:Journey to success")

Share your story and talent in her new live motivational program "THE CODE" on every Thursday at 7:00pm

where she is doing what you loves; Motivating others to be great.

Visit Sandra Graves at:

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