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WomenAddValue MEXICO- Marcela Zapata Meza

Marcela Zapata, Archeologist and Academic Director of the Research Center in Ancient Cultures of Universidad Anáhuac México Campus Sur, has been recognized for her leadership and scientific development by the Women Add Value Innitative. Prof. Marcela Zapata-Meza, was awarded among a selected group of Israeli and Arab women with the Women Add Value- International Leadership Award for her active and influential role in the Archaeological Project in Magdala.

The purpose of the award is to recognize individuals who can implement conflict resolution policies to all nations through their leadership positions in governments and communities around the world. The Women Add Value initiative is endorsed by iChange Nations and affiliated with the Interfaith Initiative for construction of Peace in the United Nations Department of Public Information. The 2016 Women Add Value Award Ceremony was held in Magdala, Israel, a place that through its history and archeology, makes evident the relationship between Judaism and Christianity.

The award ceremony was presided by Dr. Jenny Lopez, initiator of Women Add Value Initiative and special advisor to the iChange Nations Global Network on Women Human Rights. As an advisor to ICN, Dr. Lopez recognizes goodwill ambassadors and distinguished international leaders, with the purpose of restoring the lost art of honor.

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