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WomenAddValue: Gayle Johnston Arlich

Gayle is a first time author born in Los Angeles, California. She had a reawakening later in life when she discovered her love for writing. As her five grandchildren put it, she’s not only Grammy Gayle, an artist who “paints with paints”, she’s an artist who “paints with words”. Throughout her life as a mother, grandmother, teacher and career woman, Gayle has spent many hours teaching kids and volunteering her talents to work with youth organizations through schools, churches and worthwhile charities. She has always had a heart for “tweeners”, realizing the challenges they face, and so her book themes evolved. Her unique way of expressing her imagination will leave you both captivated and entertained, so step aboard the magical CyberCoaster and join Jazzi G and her quirky friends as they “Search for the Missing Peace”; the first book in the Adventures of Jazzi G series.


An assignment over Spring Break turns an angry young girl’s world upside down until the target of every bully on campus takes her on a magical journey that helps her find a lost piece of herself.

A world filled with both internal and external turmoil commands action. Peace is a Universal quest and it is the author’s opinion that it should be taught at a young age. Search for the Missing Peace is the first book in the Adventures of Jazzi G series. An angry 12 year old girl, Jazzi G, resents being in the middle of her parent’s nasty divorce. The Friday before spring break her teacher scrawls out the assignment - Define Peace – across the whiteboard. Jazzi needs to ace this assignment or she’s doomed. After brainstorming with her new friend, Oxford (Oxy), who Jazzi rescued from a gang of bullies, they form the Kids Worldwide Peace Club and embark on a magical journey via an underground CyberCoaster. Uniting with kids from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, they seek to find the answer to peace at the United Nations, however, they encounter many challenges, meet exceptional characters and discover a very important lesson on the way…

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