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WAV-Israel: Deborah Luquer-Bartfeld

Deborah receiving the Women Add Value Award in Washington DC

Upon her arrival to Israel in 1994, Deborah worked in the Jewish Agency in developing projects for

young Jewish immigrants from Latin America.

At the same time she participated and continues to be politically active as a member of the World Zionist Congress, where representatives from all Jewish communities in the Diaspora and Israel meet to discuss and make decisions on various topics pertaining to the development and welfare of the Israeli community in the Diaspora.

From the year 1996 to 2000 she has worked as national coordinator of absorption at the OLEI (Latin American Organization in Israel), she was responsible for managing 24 branches throughout the country working mostly with local volunteers.

As part of her role Deborah took care of all socio-economic aspects of new immigrants. She helped them:

  • merge into the job market

  • conduct governmental procedures

  • acclimate to Israel

This role allowed her to work with the various ministries in government (Min housing, Labour, Absorption and National Insurance) to improve their conditions.

With the blessing of God he has assisted hundreds of families begin a new life in Israel. Among them she attended her future husband (at that time a tourist asking for help to get his work permit). From that time on, together they continued to help anyone in need.

In 2006 Pablo, Deborah’s husband, decided to open a business of Receptive Tourism in Israel, specializing in conducting Pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Through their business they continue to extend an intimate and personalized welcome to visitors. The warmth they gave to immigrants for years, is the same one they provide to their pilgrims, taking care of from the minute they arrive. Deborah and Pablo are committed to honoring their international clients by making Israel more accessible.

Deborah's current project is the Halel Worship Festival Pilgrimage. It is the first event in the history of Israel where Jews and Christians will be joined by their faith in God. It is impressive. To make it happen, Deborah is working endless hours together with Aquarel Tours, and other local and international organizations. Deborah’s dream of bridging the religious and geographical gap between Israel and other nations, is now a reality. Through, the Halel Worship Festival, Deborah is raising a standard of faith and co-existence for Israel and the world.

#Women Add Value Israel.

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