"Visiting Israel was always a dream so precious, I almost thought it would never come to pass. But God's plans were different!  Today, I invite you to make your dream become a testimony. I know your experience in Israel will change you forever, it did for me." 

Jenny Lopez Lowe

Women Add Value Inc. 


Wednesday, April 8

Depart from home

Our spiritual adventure begins as we depart from different corners of the world for our long-awaited destination - Israel!


Thursday, April 9

Arrival to Israel


  • Arrive Tel Aviv (TLV) - you will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel

  • Welcome Dinner - enjoy dinner and fellowship as you rest and prepare for the incredible journey awaiting you!


Friday, April 10

On the road to Tiberias


  • On the way to the coast we will travel to -Caesarea Marítima: we will visit the ruins of this ancient Roman city where we can see the amphitheater, the port from where the disciples came to evangelize the world, the fortress and the aqueduct.

  • -Mount Carmel: to visit Muhraka, place of the triumph of the prophet Elijah over the false prophets.

  • -Megido: In the afternoon, we visit Megido, to appreciate the archaeological remains and the view over the Valley of Armaguedon, where the final battle will take place.

  • -Tiberias: Arrival to the city of Tiberias, dinner and accommodation.


Saturday, April 11

At  Galilee


  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • -Caesarea Philippi:(Matthew 16:13-17:9)(Jan25) We will go to Banias (Caesarea Philippi) at the foot of Mount Hermon. That is how it was in Caesarea Philippi where the Divine Word made flesh, he asked the question that many people still ask themselves today: "who do men say that I am?" And it was precisely the Apostle Saint Peter who gave the only correct answer: "You are the Son of the living God".

  • -Mount of the Beatitudes: We will continue towards the Mount of the Beatitudes, place of the Sermon on the mountain.

  • -Capernaum: We will visit Capernaum, city of the Infancy of Our Lord where we will visit the remains of the house of Peter and the Old Synagogue.

  • -Tabgha: We will then go to Tabgha, place that commemorates the miracle of the Multiplication of the loaves and fishes.

  • -Sea of ​​Galilee: We will have a beautiful experience, we will sail through the Sea of ​​Galilee, in a boat similar to the one used in the time of our Lord and where so many miracles happened


Sunday, April 12

The Wedding at Canna


  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Cana of Galilee: We will go to Cana of Galilee, place of the first Miracle of Jesus, in the conversion of water into wine at the wedding of Cana. Here we will have the possibility of renewing the wedding vows.

  • Magdala: On our way out, we will go through Magdala to see the remains of the First Jewish Temple of the Galilee and also learn a little more about Mary Magdalene.

  • Yardenit: We will continue towards Yardenit, banks of the Jordan River, place of Baptism and where we will have the possibility of renewing the Baptismal Vows.

  • Sodom to Bethany: We will leave on the route from Sodom to Bethany where we will visit the Tomb of Lazaro.

  • -Shilo: We will arrive to Shilo and we will pass through Jericó, the oldest city in the world where we can see the Monte de las Tentaciones. We will continue towards the lowest area of ​​the world.

  • Dead Sea: From here we will have a beautiful view of the Dead Sea we can live a unique experience, the power to float in the waters of the Dead Sea without sinking thanks to the salinity of its waters. We will enjoy the wonder a natura spa with Dead Sea mud, which has healing powers duee to the more than 20 minerals that it contains.

  • Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and accommodation.

Monday, April 13

Jerusalem: Gallicanto - Temple Museum 


  • Breakfast at hotel

  • We will start the day by visiting Pater Noster, the place where Jesus taught his disciples to pray, we will see the prayer of our Father in more than 200 languages ​​and dialects including several languages ​​in braille for the blind. From there we will continue to the Church of the Ascension where believe is the point of the earth where Jesus ascended to heaven forty days after his Resurrection.

  • Mount Zion: We will travel to Mount Zion to visit some of the holy sites, King David's Tomb, the Cenacle (Last Supper's Place).

  • San Peter in Galli canto: We will walk towards San Peter in Galli canto, where our master spent the night when he was captured and where he was denied 3 times.

  • Temple Museum: We will visit the Temple Museum, where we can see utensils of the time and how the construction of the 3rd Temple of Jerusalem is being promoted.

  • Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and accommodation.

Tuesday, April 14

 Western Wall - Kotel Museum - City of David


  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Mount Moriah: we will visit the temple esplanade or better known as Mount Moriah.

  • Wailing Wall: We will visit the most important site of the Jewish religion, the Wailing Wall. We will have the possibility of a unique experience, we will enter the history walking under the ancient city of Jerusalem, visiting the Temple Museum.

  • City of David (Siloe pool): In the afternoon we will visit the City of David, where we will walk more than 600 meters through tunnels until we reach the Siloe pool.

  • Back to the hotel. Dinner and accommodation.


Wednesday, April 15

 Israel Museum - Yad Vashem - Mte. Olives


  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Jerusalem: Transfer to the city of Jerusalem. , the Holy City, messengers of peace. Welcome toast and prayer time in front of the ancient city of Jerusalem.

  • Museum of Israel: We will visit the Museum of Israel where the sacred manuscripts and the model of Jerusalem are located in the times of our Lord, it will allow us to understand more the way of life in that time.

  • -Yad Vashem Museum: We will continue to the Yad Vashem Museum, a reminder museum of the Nazi Extermination in the Second World War where 6,000,000 Jews were killed.

  • -Mount of Olives: We will travel to the summit of the Mount of Olives, which offers the best view of the Holy City and is closely related to the last years of Jesus. We will descend through the mountain until Dominus Flevit, we will see the place where the Lord wept for Jerusalem.

  • -Garden of Gethsemane: We will continue the descent to the Garden of Gethsemane, where the Olives (verified) of the time of Jesus, with more than 2000 years and in where we will have time for reflection and adoration.

  • Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and accommodation.

Thursday, April 16

 Old City of Jerusalem


  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Old City of Jerusalem: We will enter the Old City of Jerusalem until we reach the Probatic Pool, a place where the Gospels tell that the Angel beat the waters and the sick people healed themselves by throwing themselves into it.

  • Via Dolorosa: We will follow the steps of Jesus in his passion for the Via Dolorosa,

  • Garden of the Tomb: we will leave the city to go to the Garden of the Tomb, the Calvary and the Holy Sepulcher. Here we will have the possibility to celebrate the Lord's Supper.

  • Friends of Zion Museum: We will visit the Friends of Zion Museum, this new museum shows us how anonymous Christian brothers fought for the state of Israel to exist today

  • Back to the hotel. Dinner and accommodation.

Friday, April 17

 Jerusalem: WAV conferences


  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Conference Day of Women Add Value.

  • In the afternoon free day for last-minute shopping.

Friday, April 17

 Departure: Homeward bound


With hearts full, we return to our lives and spread the infectious Father’s love we've experienced walking in the footsteps of His Son!

*Itinerary is subject to change. To best serve the group, the schedule may be altered or substitutions made at the discretion of your tour leader and guide

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