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Dr. Jenny M Lopez is the originator of Women Add Value human rights initiative, and global representative to the Human Rights Global Congress on women’s issues worldwide.  Dr . Jenny Lopez is a spokesperson for the value of women and their insatiable contributions to humanity. Founder of the global initiative #Woman Add Value, she travels to different countries presenting and establishing a system of honor and recognition to women for their efforts and achievements. Her personal mission is to promote, educate and establish open dialogue, harmony and respect for the acceptance of equality of women in all cultures around the world. Her message is simple: “The potential of women has suffered oppression through cultural attitudes. Understanding that culture is but a way of life shaped by people themselves, empowers each individual  to purposely reshape culture to one that will not devalue human potential based on gender."  

The direct benefits of the Women Add Value Initiative include informing local and international governments and organizations of the direct benefits women contribute to their communities and consequently their nations.

Dr . Jenny Lopez is known for her transparency, simplicity and focus on sensitive and outstanding issues that represent and disclose the value of women worldwide.

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